We want to thank our artists for participating in the 2013 LJFA survey. You provided us terrific feedback and key information that will help us continue to improve our festival. We would not be able to produce this elegant and high quality showcase for our community without you.

Here’s what 54% of you told us!

1. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being unsatisfactory and 5 being excellent:

Artist Ambassador Program4.21
Communication and Material4.41
Friday Check-in Process4.54
Music Volume4.31
Quality of Restaurant Row Food3.99
Quality of Art4.40
Set-up Coordination4.50
Site Layout4.49
Take Down Process3.18
Venue Ambiance4.41
Your booth location4.27


2. What artist fee structure would you prefer?

$300 entry fee plus 20% commission8.5%
$500 entry fee plus 10% commission1.1%
Current flat fee based on booth size90.4%


3. What were your gross sales?

Artists generated $1,501 - $3,000 in sales26%
Artists generated over $3,000 37%


4. Would you like to return in 2014?

84% said yes


5. Artists ranked the overall LJFA experience compared to other shows they have participated in as follows:

La Quinta1
Beverly Hills5
Artwalk SD7


6. Why did you apply for the LJFA?

Location and Venue 63%
Past Success52%
LJFA Reputation45%
June Timeframe44%
Close to Home36%
Referral from fellow artist15%


We’ll continue to look for ways to improve in every area. We’re also very committed to addressing the lower scores. Look for announcements for improving our attendance and the take down process.

For our participating artists, please email us if you would like to participate in an “artist advisory committee.” Provide your name and phone number at admin@ljfa.org.

Registration for the 2014 LJFA begins December 2, 2013. Click here for more details. Be sure to stay in touch by signing up for the LJFA newsletter when you visit the website.

Thanks again for participating in our Festival this past summer. We wish you the very best as you continue to bring your creative and artistic talent to the community.

We’ll be in touch.



Don Ludwig
Director, Artist Liaison


Ted Peña
Executive Director