Booth Number: 423

Discipline: Printmaking

Location: Oakland, CA


About the Artist: My paintings come directly from my imagination, as inspired by nature, culture and everyday life. They are created in a spontaneous, intuitive, impromptus and frequently experimental process.  While living in France, I developed and observed esthetics of textiles. The vibrant colors, a bit of whimsy and geometrical patterns reflect in my paintings. Often I experiment with textures, lines and motifs.  My abstracts combine bold composition with dominant elements frequently symbolic shapes, such as the circle, which represents unity, wholeness and coin. I’m intrigued by simple forms. Still lifes are rendered with broad gestures and rich hues to emphasize the beauty and simplicity. It’s a narrative of daily life. Each piece takes much patience, strength and effort. My work begins with a single brush single stroke, unfolds through a journey of self-discovery and culminates a rich and energetic visual experience. Importantly, I have found true joy, passion and expression through my work.

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