Booth Number: 903

Discipline: Painting

Location: Van Nuys, CA


About the Artist:

In October 2004 I exhibited my dot paintings in public for the first time. It was a solo show in the local library. The space was so small there was room for only 6 paintings. Artist friends warned me that “art never sells at the library” so I didn’t expect any sales. I put out a guestbook and hoped to start a mailing list. The afternoon of the first day of the show my phone rang. The caller anxiously asked if the painting “Yellow Field” was still available. By the end of the one-month show I had sold 13 paintings, taking each down as it sold and hanging another in its place, painting furiously to keep up with the demand. My life as a professional artist began with that show.

Since then I’ve happily buried myself in my art career. I exhibit regularly in art galleries, art festivals, and open studios. I’ve been interviewed several times for cable TV shows and newspaper articles. I’ve volunteered on art boards. I’ve worked as an assistant curator in an art gallery. And I satisfy my inner geek by designing and coding my own website (this very one). I am far happier now than I ever was as a scientist.

One of my greatest joys is exhibiting at art festivals, alongside the potters and jewelers who first inspired me to take up art. Talking to patrons about my art and hearing others’ interpretations of it has greatly enriched my own understanding of my work. I am continually exploring and learning, enjoying this creative life I finally had the courage to choose.