Booth Number: 502

Discipline: Ceramics

Location: Laguna Niguel, CA


About the Artist:

The intent of my work is to create pieces that can be used if desired, but are beautiful enough to stand alone as art. I try to concieve pieces that will hold up over time both materially and aesthetically. My ceramic pieces may be contemporary, but they reflect designs borrowed from nature and inspired from other cultures. I take these influences and make them my own with richly colored glazes. I’m attempting to create a coherent yet diverse body of work that complements the individual piece, or a tribe of pieces.

I did not plan to become a ceramic artist. I was on my way to Medical School after recieving a Bachelor’s in Biology at U.C.Irvine. This was how I would channel my love for nature, and the rich, magic, artistry of science, I thought. Sitting in a cold dark laboratory studying the DNA of viruses and bacteria, I got a call from the Medical School of my choice. I was accepted. Faced with the proverbial fulfillment of my dreams (watch what you dream….you may get it), I thought about the ceramic class I had been taking, and the thrill it brought me; I thought about the encouragement my wife gave me regarding my ceramic work, and about the rest of my life. I deferred medical school for one year, then turned them down the next. I got a kiln, a potters wheel, and I moved forward with no looking back and no regrets. Life’s truest passions are sometimes found in the oddest places, at the oddest times, with the most unexpected and satisfying rewards.