Booth Number: 818

Discipline: Fiber Textiles

Location: Julian, CA


About the Artist:

The primary focus of my work is the creation of form utilizing natural fibers. Texture is a secondary but necessary element. The making of the piece begins with a period of incubation where materials coalesce to form a fairly defined image. I then attempt to make real that image by combining various materials with traditional basketry techniques or an invented one, if necessary. The natural materials that I collect and prepare myself are gourds, oak branches, eucalyptus bark, and both date palm and king palm seed fronds. Before use, the basketry materials are soaked in water to make them pliable. On the gourds, I also pyrograph (burn), carve and couch (sew a material onto the gourd surface). Acrylic paint is used to add color. I have never been able to exactly duplicate that initial intuitive image, but I’ll keep trying – a lifelong process.