Dorothee Naumburg

Booth Number: 611

Discipline: Jewelry

Location: Dana Point, CA


About the Artist:

My pieces are created in 18K gold, 14K gold and platinum. They are finished with a variety of surface textures like my newly developed ‘crinkled’ style and accented with fine pearls, drusy and gemstones. I strive to create a sculptural feel for my jewelry, while aiming to reduce the lines of my design to the essentials, thus editing out unneeded elements and distractions, creating contemporary, but wearable pieces.

Inspired by a shape or form, (like bubbles rising in a glass of champagne), my process starts sometimes with a sketch, most often by using brass metal sheet, tubing and wires. Being very visual, I love to get right into. Working with those metals and shaping them helps me clarify and refine my thoughts and design ideas to then create these designs in precious metals.