Eleanor Murphey

Booth Number: 609

Discipline: Ceramics

Location: Bend, OR

Website: http://www.sunstonepottery.com/

About the Artist:

I have been a full time potter since 1976 when I went to work at the Sunstone Gallery and pottery studio, in La Jolla, CA as an apprentice to Cathra -Ann Barker, master potter at that time. In 1996 I became the owner and Master Potter of the Sunstone Gallery. July of 2003, I moved my home from Southern California to Bend, Oregon. The Sunstone, now called Sunstone Pottery moved with me, no longer a gallery, it is my pottery studio and business built behind my home. I continue my work in the peace and quiet of Northeast Bend. The work of the late 19th and early 20th century artisans and crafts people have always been an inspiration to me. From architecture to pottery, their work had a sensuous style with a direction to function and beauty combined. I believe that it is not enough for an object to function when it can also be a pleasure to look at while performing that function. She is a founding artist of the La Jolla Festival of the Arts.