Elizabeth Burkhouse

Booth Number: 928

Discipline: Sculpture

Location: San Jose, CA

Website: http://www.elizburkhousedesigns.com/

About the Artist:

I’ve been an artist all my life, starting with the sale of a ceramic sculpture in Junior High School.  Because I never thought of art as a ‘career’ and I needed to earn a living, my career detoured through the high-tech industry where I worked as an Instructional Designer and Courseware Developer for 20 years. Along the way, I developed skills in graphic art, designed parade floats, and drew a cartoon strip for a women’s newsletter. While my twin sister focused her talent on 2-dimensional art and illustration, I always leaned toward sculpture and mixed media.

My sculptures are made of ceramic paper clay—usually a white sculpture clay mixed with paper pulp to create a stronger, lighter-weight medium.  I build pieces using coil and slab techniques over newspaper forms then use a variety of commercial and hand-made or found tools to create textures and patterns.  The fired pieces are glazed multiple times and may be finished with various enamels, paints, and accessories. Some are assembled after firing using epoxies.