Booth Number: 914

Discipline: Mixed Media

Location: Mesa, AZ


About the Artist:

Art is my life. I make it with an energetic, spiritual passion in the hopes that the good emotions that one feels when looking at it, will replicate that good energy in the universe. Our everyday spirit needs art… our souls need art… my hope is that I can create pieces which awaken one’s soul.. My watercolor paintings are usually painted on gallery wrapped canvas. My abstract pieces carry with them an energy and life of their own… the shapes, forms, colors and organic textures can change depending on the time of day or one’s mood at the time. I create what I like to phrase as “happy art”, or perhaps I should say “happy heart“! I love using lots of beautiful, bold color that speaks to the heart. It’s all about color, texture, form and composition. My other medium is using Dichroic glass with metals for wall art. Sparkling, translucent, Dichroic glass can add energy, light and sparkle to any home or office. The vibrant nature of the glass can enlighten one to the possibilities of energy and light… Dichroic glass is amazing. People should surround themselves with things that make them feel good… art does that. A balanced life is one in which people can view the way art affects their lives… color, texture, form… all can awaken the soul… especially COLOR!! Creating art that will enhance someone’s life is the dream that I’ve had all my life… a dream that I am now living.