Booth Number: 621

Discipline: Sculpture

Location: Burbank, CA


About the Artist: My background and current vocation seem to be, on the surface, disparate paths.

I studied illustration and experimental film in college, and spent the next 20+ years as an animator at major studios in Los Angeles. I created natural effects such as smoke, water, fire; dynamic scenes filled with fluid motion and complex choreography. Twelve years ago I started to become interested in metal smithing as a hobby, and ultimately dropped out of the animation industry to pursue copper repoussé full time.

Copper may seem to be solid and static, lending itself to designs of permanence and stability, but I use it to express the dynamic nature and motion found in my subjects. Instead of using time to evolve a design as I would in animation, I distill the essence of movement into a single frame.

Repoussé for me is in many ways a continuation of the study of movement that I have followed all my life.