Booth Number: 924

Discipline: Painting

Location: Fallbrook, CA


About the Artist:

I paint full time. That’s all I do. Except for walking my dog and helping my wife keep our lives on track, every day I’m standing at my easel. Oh, and I do get in a round of golf now and then! The creative process to me is magical. I may hear a bit of music, or see an encounter between people, and a painting begins to form in my mind. I’ll quickly jot down a few words about the inspiration and then the layout of the painting unfolds. To discipline myself I try to create at least one new painting each month. To do this, I sketch them out in advance and pile up three or four tissues ready to transfer to watercolor paper. My dog paintings are loose, with a concentration on the animals’ expressive eyes. The new European images portraying romantic moments evoke intimacy.


Unless marked otherwise, my original paintings are matted and framed in black with acrylic. Each is wired and ready to hang on your wall. Limited and Open edition 12 x 18” giclée prints, which I make myself, are matted, and except for a few small prints, will fit into a standard 18 x 24”  frame. Prices are marked.