Joanne Casey

Booth Number: 505

Discipline: Paper

Location: Palm Desert, CA


About the Artist:

Joanne began her collage work more than twenty-five years ago when she learned the art of making paper by hand.  In her collages Joanne uses her own handmade papers as well as papers made by hand in countries from around the world.  Each sheet of handmade paper represents hours of careful labor.  Plant fibers are mixed with water and beaten to a pulp in a large vat.  The pulp is then lifted from the water by a fine mesh screen.  A wooden frame called a deckle is used to shape the edges of the paper.  The water drains away leaving behind a sheet of fiber which is pressed and dried to form paper.  Many of the sheets contain inclusions of plant fibers, bark, leaves, and petals.

In paper collage Joanne has truly found her niche.  The feel of the handmade paper, the fibers, the textures, the colors, all inspire her creations.  Each collage forms a bridge across time and cultures to express Joanne’s own unique artistic vision.