John Gibbons

Booth Number: 825

Discipline: Glass

Location: San Diego, CA


About the Artist:

John Gibbons has studied glass as an art form since 2003. He was introduced to the molten medium at Shasta College in Northern California. John soon became enveloped in the art and decided to transfer to Califronia State University, Chico, to further his knowledge of glass. Once enrolled he quickly realized he had to find his own voice, style, and technique of expression in order to stand apart from other artists. Sculpting became John’s focus and passion. He attended the Eugene Glass School in 2007 to study with famed Checkoslavakian glass sculptor MartinJanecky. John brought his new found knowledge back to Chico to sculpt for two more years before graduating in the spring of 2009. After graduating John moved to Cambria on California’s beautiful central coast to work at Harmony Glass Works. He now lives and works in San Diego, CA.