Booth Number: 817

Discipline: Painting

Location: Simi Valley, CA


About the Artist:

My love affair with the watercolor medium started in 1988, when I went back to college to finish my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Art. I was immediately fascinated with the endless possibilities of the watercolor medium, paint, papers and tools that were now available to me. I was also intrigued by the way colors mix on the paper, the way salt causes the paint to flair, and the difficulty of retaining the white of the paper which helps the painting sparkle.

At the same time my passion for collecting old pottery and antique bric-a-brac reached a high point, uniting my two loves in a most satisfying artistic experience. A treasured object can spark my imagination and lead me to gather and coordinate pieces to compliment it’s shape, color and theme. I then juxtapose surfaces of glass, metal, ceramic, fruit, flowers and fabric in a unique lighting situation. I photograph my set up for reference and to preserve the freshness of the flowers and fruit. For my style of photo-realistic watercolor, all my compositional and design elements must be decided upon before beginning to paint. I spend hours in composing and drawing. When I paint I use many layers of thin washes and glazes of pure transparent watercolor to achieve deep and vibrant color. Near the finish, I study the piece of artwork for any corrections it might need; softer edges, brighter color, more linear elements etc., and then it is finished. A work of art to savor, share and enjoy.