Liane Crigler

Booth Number: 235

Discipline: Jewelry

Location: Portland, OR


About the Artist:

Ten2Midnight Studios was born of Liane Crigler’s creative vision and passion for handmade. Her designs pull elements from nature, celestial bodies, world cultures, and, most importantly, her own life.  Her pieces are less a collection of metals and jewels as they are an anthology of stories, moments, experiences, and emotions that she expertly crafts into wearable works of art.

Over the past two decades, Crigler has developed as both a metalsmith & designer with an eye for textures and layering. Her designs feature unique combinations of patterned metals, strands of chain & gemstone beads. One of the most important aspects, that Crigler prides herself on, is that all jewelry is made here in the USA, in her Portland, Oregon studio, with her own two hands.