Booth Number: 525

Discipline: Painting

Location: La Quinta, CA


About the Artist:

Michael Logan has been painting for over forty years….painting is his passion!  At a young age he found a love for drawing and would soon attend the Coronado School of Fine Art. But it was his move to a small seaside town at age 18, that would shape his life as an oil painter. Laguna Beach was a flourishing art colony at the time. The mild climate and spectacular scenery had attracted the likes of Granville Redmond, William Wendt and Edgar Payne. These and other important artists became known as the Southern California Impressionists, painting in the plein air style. It was these artists and this outdoor style of painting that would have the greatest influence on him. Michaels love for painting, especially for painting on location would take him on a life-long journey. For the next four decades he would paint throughout Mexico, South America and Europe, capturing bright colored fishing ports in Spain, ancient vineyards in Italy, and the lush countryside of France.
Today, the love of painting nature is his inspiration. ”I love to paint outdoors where the natural light and elements bring an immediacy to the work, to keep the work loose but accurate. There is an intimacy in being one with nature; feeling the warmth of a breeze, the icy spray of a wave, the smell of freshly cut hay.” Michael is as comfortable at home in his studio where vibrant florals and still life grace the walls.  The smells of oil paint and turpentine are ever lingering.  Michael’s paintings are deliberate and confident. His paintings capture a moment in time, his strong brushwork and beautiful clean color tell the story.