Booth Number: 103

Discipline: Sculpture

Location: Oakland, CA


About the Artist:

Rodman White House is the collaboration of Mindy Rodman and Paul White. Together we create whimsical, polychromatic sculpture , sculptural furniture and furnishings.  We design and fabricate each piece together. One or the other of us will start with the idea, then we pass the pencil back and forth, fleshing out the concept. Once on paper, the design then moves to cardboard, where we begin working out the technical aspects of fabrication. From there we move to wood, creating the templates that we will use to cut the shapes out of sheet metal with our plasma torch. Then the real work begins. We do all of our cutting, grinding, bending and shaping by hand, then assemble the piece using a MIG welder. Once constructed, each piece gets finished with either a unique grind, or a combination of dyes, patinas, enamel paints and/or powder coating.