Booth Number: 225

Discipline: Ceramics

Location: Nevada City, CA


About the Artist:

I have always found joy in working with my hands, whether the material is wood, fiber, metal, or clay. It was not until I was in college in the 80s that I learned how to throw pots, whiling away many hours in the University of Vermont Pottery Co-op. In 1993, after having moved to the Sierra foothills, I resumed the study of clay with Francesca Roveda, who not only helped me develop my skills, but also introduced me to the possibilities of making a living as a studio artist.

Although my work reflects forms and textures in nature as well as qualities I have seen and admired in the creations of people, I believe that my pots possess a style that is an expression of who I am and what is important to me. Values I strive for include simplicity, integrity, and beauty. It is my hope that these values are imparted to those using this pottery.