Booth Number: 406

Discipline: Photography

Location: San Diego, CA


About the Artist:

Eyeball Photography specializes in stark black & white photographs (with a tad of color here and there), inspired by the beach, industry and history. In my work – mostly high-contrast black and white – I enjoy conveying a story of a place with a history in which multiple scales receive special attention. I hand color most of my larger b&w photos with a transparent paint. My favorite subjects are industrial objects, ghost towns and coastal themes. The latter contains a series of California lifeguard towers. My frames also receive emphasis, such that the final product is an integrated whole.

Why “Eyeball” you ask? Not only is the camera the technological replication of the eye, it is one of nature’s many intriguing creations, enabling the perception of a beautiful sunset, the twirled patterns of water on the beach flowing back into the ocean and helped us to avoid the claws and teeth of a sabre tooth tiger in the Stone Age.