Sue Britt

Booth Number: 217

Discipline: Paper

Location: San Diego, CA


About the Artist:

I weave paper because I see the world as a tapestry – plaited with rich color, layered with stories of nature’s cycles, laced together by time.  As I sketch and weave I often discover intersections and connections between my own life and the landscapes I am trying to capture – the rise and fall of rivers with the seasons, the fire cycle of Southern California, the erosion of cliffs to the sea.

I work from memory.  Places are fleeting but our memories become charged over time with smells, sounds, light, feelings, and connections to the people who shared the moment.  The memory becomes more powerful than the actual place.  I find that working from memory helps distill the scenes to essential contours.  As a result, many of the forms you see in my work are not what might be captured in a photo but are reminders that hopefully evoke common feelings and experiences in this world we share.

My connection to paper is through texture and color.  My stacks of paper are reminiscent of the closet of fabrics my mom kept for sewing, then quilting, when I was growing up.  When I choose paper I seek out color, steeped, opaque, but with variation.  I don’t shy away from errors, or changes in dye lot, or molted color.  Those mishaps become my opportunities to paint with paper.