Susan Pascal Beran

Booth Number: 401

Discipline: Sculpture

Location: Fairfax, CA


About the Artist:

I have learned that compassion and wisdom are the real gold, and I am striving to live them.  My family, friends and acquaintances, clients, and associates that I have known through the years, are become golden to me.  I value you all, so very much.  Our undertaking is so much more than a business transaction.  It is a dance of life whereby we infuse the fire and beauty of our visions, our strivings, into a marvelous creative process resulting in unique and thrilling new shapes and forms.  And we have the opportunity to  learn and grow from everyone, everything, place and part of this endeavor.  And when I shut my eyes, and thanked God for all that has brought me thus far, I saw it as a rain of golden light, like sunshine, upon my life