Booth Number: 932

Discipline: Jewelry

Location: Coronado, CA


About the Artist:

I feel great satisfaction in creating beautiful objects. Creation often begins with the materials, which suggest the possibilities for use in the design. Once there is a brief sketch of an idea, alloying metal, rolling sheet and pulling wire begins the process. Cutting, filing and soldering in the traditional hand worked manner refines the metal sheet, rod, wire or billet; hammers form the metal and strike punches that secure stones. Burrs carve billets of mokume gane, the rolling mill creates consistent thickness. Sometimes the design intention changes when the material wants to go it’s own way and becomes the undisputed project manager! I recognize the wisdom of the material, and defer to it’s own ideas, and magically, the resulting piece is made better. Once fabrication is complete, the surface is finished with abrasive. My educational background is strongly architectural and my work reflects this restrained voice in clean lines, and strong materials.