Booth Number: 624

Discipline: Sculpture

Location: Santa Barbara, CA


About the Artist:

I come from a family of artists and artisans, musicians and masons, chefs and poets.  I was exposed to the process of artistic creation as a small child and have not been far from it since.

Nurturing the needs of the body with objects of daily usefulness that are used, admired, respected and appreciated nurtures the soul as well.

Unfortunately, our culture gives little attention to the nature and effectiveness of artistic expression in the decorative arts.  I believe in challenging people’s assumptions about what furniture should look like and, by extension, challenging the essence of the way that they make any of life’s assumptions.

Personally, the act of creation is as important as the object created.  Each one gives me the confidence and wherewithal to do the next one, and the next one is always the best one.