Booth Number: 421

Discipline: Photography

Location: Oakland, CA


About the Artist:

I was raised on my parent’s farm in Kim Po, about an hour from South of Seoul, South Korea. For many years, my three passions have been rock climbing, traveling and outdoor photography.

Having had the good fortune to have won the Korean National Rock Climbing Championship in 1983 and 1985, and to have climbed to the summits of Mt. McKinley and El Capitan, I have experienced nature at her rarest and most serene.

My photography combines three major elements. The first is the tranquility of the environment. Each scene — whether a natural American landscape, a Japanese seascape or an everyday French or Italian citiscape — possesses the same Zen-like peacefulness that I experienced while growing up on my family’s farm, and later in life while climbing up and camping out on remote mountaintops, I strive to capture and share this serenity with my images.

The second element is the “picture within a picture” — that is, a dominant abstract pattern which is distinct from yet related to the overall image. Because such patterns reveal themselves only through thoughtful and patient observation, it is my challenge to identify and capture these patters for the viewer.

The third element is the technical excellence. I personally compose, process, print, mount, mat and frame my photographs. I pre-visualize exposure values using the Zone System. I then compose and capture the scene with a Linhof Master Technica large format (4×5″) view camera or a Contax 645 medium format film camera. I personally hand-process my exposures with the Jobo CPP-2 system, and then hand-print each image using either fiber or resin-based archival papers. Alternatively I create archival pigmented prints from high-resolution scans of my negatives. Finally, I personally mount, mat, sign, number and frame each piece by hand.

I am privileged to have shared my fine art photography with collectors from around the world.